I wanted to hold off on writing this update, on my Drake and Northwave 2012 / 2013 Kit, until I got the chance to ride some fresh powder. Which I did all yesterday after 3 days straight of heavy snow.

The whole board / boot / binding set up works really across a variety of terrain and riding (i.e. freestyle / piste / free-ride).


With the regular chamber that this board has, carving is so much fun, gripping so well through all types of terrain and conditions, and even when pushing it at speed. The first day I rode this, conditions where hard, early morning piste with sections of ice. Putting this board on an edge it didn’t slide / skid out one bit, cutting through the hard compacted snow conditions. Equally as good when it came to powder runs yesterday, a nice solid base underneath with no real need to think about having to keep the nose up, cutting through the variables and bumps too.

Freestyle wise, I haven’t really had a chance to get into the park, but there’s a nice pop both in the tail and nose and a nice solid hold when pressing and buttering around.

It would be nice to try out the Drake Urban, another regular chamber board from the Drake collection, but slightly softer flex overall.


A little stiff for my liking when I initially started riding them but they have already softened up on the top / tongue section while still maintaining a super snug fit around the foot / toes and especially the heel, with 0 heel lift going on. Offering good stability at higher speeds while soft enough (now that they have been riding in) for slower more playful riding.

Overall I’m happy and glad I went down half a size from last years Northwave Legends. Also glad I choose the classic lace fit as I haven’t really had any pressure points occurring whilst riding, and when I have I’ve just adjusted one lace where the pressure was and within seconds it’s gone.


To be honest I haven’t really noticed that they are there, which is what I want in a set of bindings. A good solid set of ankle and toes straps and a medium flex highback. Beacause who really needs a super stiff highback when riding?

Check out this seasons kit at: Northwave Website