Filling the gap

As a general rule, when selecting a snowboard binding in the shop, you want something that can be adjusted easily on the hill. No matter if you believe that high backs are just there for support, or to help you turn, it’s best not to have a gap between the high back and your boot.

snowboard high back forward leanI don’t really tend to talk much about forward lean on bindings when coaching but when I do, I suggest to move the high back forward a couple of notches until it comes in contact with the back of the boot.

The reason being is that if there is a gap, this leads to unnecessary movements having to be made when you ride, which only delays the response time to your equipment.

Tweak your equipment so that it does exactly what you want it to do, when you tell it!

For a good fit

  • place the boot in the binding
  • do both the toe and ankle straps up
  • adjust the high back so that it rests up against the back of the boot
  • lock the high back in position and repeat on the other binding

Now, if you use your high backs when riding, the movements you make with your body will be translated instantaneously through to your board.

Wondering why we wouldn’t want to use the high backs? find out here