Over the past couple of weeks I have been discussing ways that you can alter / customise your bindings to enhance your riding. These can be found in the Tips-Mondays section.

High back binding Angle

This week I am going to be talking about rotating K2-fastplant-snowboard-drake-bindings2the high-back, so that when you stand directly above your board and look down over the binding, the high-back is flush and in line with the heel edge side of the board.

Some believe this improves riding performance by transferring pressure more efficiently through the newly positioned, ‘lined up’, high back.

A debatable subject since as a result from rotating the high-back, you have essentially created a gap on one side of your boot and a pressure point on the other.

This gap and pressure point are marginal yes, but if so, why rotate them in the first place..?

How to tail press on a snowboard (regular)

One advantage of rotating the high back, is that when you are pressing (nose or tail) your boot will not come into contact with either high back as you shift laterally across the board.

So if you find yourself coming onto the heel edge when doing a tail or nose press, rotate your high backs to line up with the heel edge and see if this helps.

Or you could just take your high backs off … read Are highbacks making us lazy snowboarders ?