Trampolining and snowboarding – Wk 3

Week 3:

Background:Third week in my 5 week trampoline training to see how trampolining skills can transfer to freestyle snowboarding by improving my level of proprioception

Location: Tolworth Recreation Centre.

Times and Dates: Wednesday evenings at Tolworth Recreational Centre 8.30 – 10.00.
More information: Tolworth Recreation Website

The Session and what was covered:

As mentioned last week, this week would be all about trying out some front flips. After some warming up, out came the mat (to save my face if I over rotated). A simple front flip with tucked knees was the plan and after about half an hour I was landing about 2 out of 5. I was told that if you can do another move (a simple straight jump with a tuck) after landing the flip then you are in control, so this was my aim. I did this, ‘perfect landing’, about 6-7 times in half an hour so I would still say there’s room for improvement…

It was amazing though to feel the different in just half an hour how much more comfortable I was in the air. The first couple were, well lets just say good attempts but I soon started to know where I was, if I was going to get it around and if I’d put to much into the spin.

Some added input by both coaches about the direction I was throwing the arms stopped me from drifting while in the air.

I’ll be adding in a couple of video clips, in the next few days, of the one’s I landed. I’m sure everyone would love to see the ones I didn’t land, but unfortunately these didn’t come out that well, not sure why….

The transfer to snowboarding

Another good session on working on where I am in the air – especially with the front flips. All the usual movements covered in previous weeks where also repeated to strengthen the core and heighten awareness.

Later in the session both myself and Warren (one of the coaches) started talking more about the core when spinning. Something that I mentioned in this weeks Tips Monday – 180 Rotation & in Air Stability post. Warren also snowboards, so it was good to throw some ideas back and forth.

Out came the mat again, but this time used under our feet as we attempted to see how many rotations we could put in (spins, not font flips!). Pre-winding slightly, then knees up and locking the core into the spin. Some good results as we went for the 7’s and a great way to get the feeling of how you should be in the air, staying central during the spin and not going off axis.

Another good week and I can defiantly feel my level of proprioception increasing – looking forward to another freestyle snowboard session to see the benefits.

Back flips next week!

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