Trampolining and snowboarding – Wk 4

Week 4:

Background:The forth week in my 5 week trampoline training to see how trampolining skills can transfer to freestyle snowboarding by improving my level of proprioception

Location: Tolworth Recreation Centre.

Times and Dates: Wednesday evenings at Tolworth Recreational Centre 8.30 – 10.00.
More information: Tolworth Recreation Website

The Session and what was covered:

As mentioned last week, this week would be all about trying out some back flips. However, the hardness which was to help me in trying out my first few back flips was not around, but would make an appearance next week, so it was back to basics and honing those front flips.

This week I concentrated on combining different moves to challenge my balance and core stability. More font flips were put down and this time landing was much more consistant. Even when I didn’t land perfect, I still knew where my body was in the air and was able to adjust for this before (crash) landing.

The transfer to snowboarding

Another good session this week, liking the challenge of combining moves to give my core a stronger work-out. All the basic moves covered in previous weeks are relevant to building up air awareness and core stability vital for freestyle snowboarding.

On another note, due to feeling a bit under the weather (I blame it on the hay fever..), I concentrated more on some basic straight up and down jumps with rotations, pulling legs up behind me / grabbing toe(s), heel(s) / shifty movements and working each leg independently. Just generally seeing where and what positions / grabs I can get into while in the air.

While I know it is slightly different with a board on, I feel this helps build up those first few feelings of a new movement, with minimal consequences.