Trampolining and snowboarding – Wk 2

Week 2:

Background:Second week in my 5 week trampoline training to see how trampolining skills can transfer into freestyle snowboarding by improving my level of proprioception

See Week 1 here: Trampolining and Snowboarding Week 1

Location: Tolworth Recreation Centre.

Times and Dates: Wednesday evenings at Tolworth Recreational Centre 8.30 – 10.00.
More information: Tolworth Recreation Website

The Session and what was covered:

Re-covered some basics from last week working on good separation of the upper and lower body with some seat drops.
Then moved onto some pike jumps, again working on separation of upper and lower body but this time hands touching toes while in the air.

Finally ended up with a challenge of half turn (180) to seat drop and then full turn (360) to seat drop. While the half turn was moderately easy to do, the full turn was not! I had to really think about it, making sure my body position was still in an upright position until the 360 was complete and then splitting the body up ready for the seat drop. Really felt the whole body having to work.

The transfer to snowboarding

I found this weeks session really good. Worked on separation in the air (by doing the pike jump), great for shifts, tweaked straight airs. Also, being able to hold the body in particular position while rotating around an axis and then adding in an upper/lower body movement (half turn and full turn to seat drop), would be good training for 180s’ or 360s’ with a tweak.

And it’s not just in the air that these rules would apply, rails and on-snow buttering tricks can involve rotations with a separation going on.

Usually in trampolining, I was told that, you only spin in one direction, say for example over my right shoulder. However I have been trying to experiment with both directions with spinning to broaden my proprioception skills.

Overall, I am constantly being tested to where my body is in the air and make movements / adjustments to stabilise it (working core muscles) and just because

Happy with the progression so far, I’m setting myself the challenge of front and back flips next week.