This exercise is aimed at making sure you are centered on your snowboard, balanced over the edge you are on (toe edge).

If you’ve come across this by random or just starting out, read the ‘Snowboard Freestyle Technique’ for a solid stance and progression to all other tricks. Then practice the following before attempting any of the 180’s – trust me, it will help.

Curl your toes up inside your boots while still keeping your legs and ankles flexed feeling the edge grip. This will give you a solid platform to push off and not slip out on take off. Get low again and use you entire body to ‘pop’, extending upwards in a progressive but smooth motion.

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  1. Setup: Traverse across the slope on the uphill edge – eyes forward. Flex your ankles, knees, hips and spine in order to prepare to ‘pop’ off the snow.
  2. Take off: Extend your ankles, knees hips and spine in an upwards motion off both feet at the same time. Staying centered over your board as you do this, using both your upper and lower body to create the ‘pop’.
  3. Trick: In the air, maintain a centered stance over your board bringing your legs up under you.
  4. Landing: Get ready for the landing by slightly extending your legs down – land centred over both feet.


  • Make sure there is no ‘twisting’ going on with either you upper or lower body. If there is, this will throw you off balance.
  • Make sure you are not hunched over (bending/breaking at the waist), this will put you off balance when popping off your edge.
  • Practice this until you can get a good ‘pop’ landing back on the same edge with both feet at the same time. Just a couple of inches of the snow to start off with,then as you grow in confidence try to go higher.
  • Extend upwards quicker and with more force and you’ll pop higher – remember though, the harder you pop the stronger your body framework and edge control must be.

Challenge: Try doing repetitive pops across the slope to challenge yourself making it look smooth. Then do it all again, but switch.

Struggling? Leave a comment and I’ll do my best to help you out

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