4 simple stages in learning (or perfecting) how to nollie on a snowboard by means of written, pictorial and video illustration.

If you’ve come across this by random or just starting out, read the ‘Snowboard Freestyle Technique’ for a solid stance and progression to all other tricks.

Nose digging in on take off? Landing on the nose on touch down. Make sure your head is up and you draw (suck) your front foot up under you after popping off it.

How to Nollie on a snowboard (regular)
How to do a Nollie on a snowboard (goofy)


  1. Setup: Ride in flat base centered over your board with good body alignment. Stay in a low stance flexing your ankles, knees, hips and spine – eyes forward spotting a spot to ‘pop’ off.– Frame 1. –

    Start by shifting some weight to the rear leg and as you approach ‘your’ spot, flex forward toward the nose of the board extending the back foot out and sinking onto the front foot. (loading the nose up ready for take off).– Frame 2. –

  2. Take off: Drop your lead shoulder while at the same time start to extend off the loaded nose.

    Next, progressively extend all of your joints, using both your upper and lower body together to launch yourself up into the air. Use the build up of pressure in the nose and pop off this. – Frame 3. and 4. –

  3. Trick: Draw the board up under your body and use your arms for balance. Tip the back shoulder down slightly to create a smooth arch in the air. – Frames 4. and 5.-
  4. Landing: Extend the legs slightly ready for landing. Land on both feet head up eyes forward and compress to absorb the landing. – Frames 5. and 6.-

DO NOT try to physically lift or raise the tail, let the tail raise off the snow naturally via the shift in body weight by the use off the legs and shoulder.


  • Want more POP – Load up the nose more by actively driving out the back leg and sinking onto the front foot. In turn, board will bend more resulting in more pressure building up in the nose. Use this to give you more ‘pop’.
  • Pick a spot in the snow to pop over (help timing and co-ordination).
  • If you have trouble landing flat base (you land either on your knees with hands down or on your bum!) – check that you are staying centred over your board while in the air. taking off on a flat base and not using one of your edges instead.
  • Want more air time? Make sure you extend with the upper body and not just lifting the legs up under you, imagine you have a piece of string attached to your head and as you pop you are getting pulled upwards.


Slow motion video of the nollie added below – filmed in Davos / Klosters with Synergy Snowsports

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