Snowboard Freestyle Technique

I have decided to share some knowledge with those interested in learning (or perfecting) the following tricks:

– Ollie
– Nollie
– Tail Press
– 180 (four different variations of a 180 degree spin on a snowboard will be covered. Frontside and Backside 180s’ done off the toes and off the heels)

All of the tutorials will be aimed at entry level ability and are accompanied by a set of photos’ showing both goofy and regular version – simply click on the picture to switch between goofy and regular.

I hope that you find these tutorials helpful. I will be releasing a variety of tutorials every week, from today. 26.10.10

Technical Talk:

We shall now look at some important key aspects that should be noted prior to attempting these tricks

Before any rotation where the board leaves the surface of the snow is attempted, it is advisable to have a good solid stacked stance.

What I mean by this is being centered on your snowboard with body weight even over both feet with shoulder hips and board all aligned. This will help keep you balanced.

Check out the ‘Centred Pop’ post for a quick and easy drill to highlight if you’re centred when riding or not.

If there is a ‘miss’ alignment somewhere, adjustments may have to be made, either pre or post take off. This makes the trick or task more technical.

….the less going on, the easier a task is…

A good understand of being able to edge a snowboard is also recommended, the ability to grip or carve the board (where the board leaves a single thin track through the snow and ‘does not slide or skid’).

There are a few different variations to ‘popping’ or launching yourself into the air, these range from using the tail/nose of the board. Here though, will we be focusing on using the entire length of the snowboard edge as a platform the push off. Focusing on being centered and using both the upper and lower body to ‘pop’

Struggling? Leave a comment and I’ll do my best to help you out

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