One of the mountain restaurants in Bansko, Bulgaria was still smouldering when we rode past early this morning. Situated at the bottom of t-bars lifts, that lead up to Todorka peak, the restaurant was little more than burnt out wood and piles of snow. Guessing that it must have burnt down sometime during the early hours of this morning, damage was also suspected to one of the pylons of a near by lift.

Update 23.01.10: The restaurant is still buried but some maintenance work has started on the (Secret Chair) pylon affect during the fire. The cables seen running for the first time yesterday.

Update 29.01.10: The ‘secret chair’ lift affected in the fire is now open and fully operational which along with the fresh snow is great news.

Update 23.02.11: The site of the old restaurant that was burnt down is now the site of a new chair lift that has replaced the T-bars (a coincidence perhaps…!)