Smoking and road side fires

Drivers who smoke at the wheel could face prosecution under changes to the Highway Code. Lighting-up at the wheel has been added to the list of “distractions” which police and lawyers can cite in court when seeking a conviction for a traffic offence. It joins eating and drin….. Read more:

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Driving back to London last week during the hot weather I saw no less than 2 road side fires. Both of which had drivers parked near by, obviously on there phones to emergency services.

One of these fires was already getting out of control as there was a strong wind. Luckily this wind was blowing across and away from the duel carriage way, so the smoke was not causing any danger to the passing traffic yet! However, this wind was fuelling the fire and I could see visibly flames when passing. Could these fires have been caused by the shear heat and wind, or by the odd cigarette butt being thrown out of the window?