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6x Telescope zoom lens for iPhone 3GS

Posted on: Jun 27, 2010 Listed in: News by Chris Skinner

I have just purchased a Telescope lens for my iPhone.

The box comes with a special case for the iPhone with a mount for the telescope to slide onto. Also included is a blue lens cloth, a nice little tie to attach to the telescope so you don’t lose it and of course the telescopic lens.

The zoom is 6x optical and works well with the built in camera on the iPhone. The case fits my 3GS very nicely, however sometimes a steadier hand than mind is required to get the most out of it the telescopic lens.

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2 Responses

  1. Gary says:

    Where did you get this from Chris?

    • Chris Skinner says:

      Just ordered one off eBay – just type in ‘iPhone camera lens 6x’ and you should come up with a few. Only thing is if take a picture landscape (turn the camera on the side) and take a picture the horizon will have a slight curve to it..! Strange..