Just after getting my iPhone, at the beginning of the summer, I went on a hunt for some wallpapers for it.

After a bit of searching I came across a site which, as well as having some wallpapers for my iPhone, really inspired me to re think the look of my old site. www.blurburger.com is a site full of stunning visuals and creative works of art which include desktop wallpapers and icons as well as various cartoons by Pete Joison.

Pete, creator of Blurburger, is a graphic designer and illustrator and although the site is no longer updated by Pete, he has left it up and running for anyone to download some of his work.

He now runs a new site www.petejoison.com, where more of his illustration / design work can be seen. Pete has also put up a couple of pages which host a collection of photos shot with his Canon S2 IS, along with bunch shot with his iPhone using a neat little app called Lomo – click here to view them.

The iPhone wallpapers that were originally hosted on Blurburger are unfortunately no longer available. However Pete has given me permission to host the zip file of wallpapers on my site. There are 44 different designs all together and the zip file can be found here:Blurburger iPhone Wallpapers.zip.

A BIG thanks to Pete for these.

Check him out www.petejoison.com.

Free Blurburger iPhone Cool Wallpapers Set 1 Free Blurburger iPhone Cool Wallpapers Set 2 Free Blurburger iPhone Cool Wallpapers Set 3