escape peanut 5'9 surfboardEscape 5’9″ Peanut: 5’9″, 20 ½ (Epoxy)

Enter the new addition to my quiver. I say quiver, when in fact I only have 2 surfboards…

After trying out the demo board from ZumaJays surf shop in Bude, a week later I traded in my MadDog short board and purchased the Peanut.

I love the way the peanut paddles and the ease of getting into waves. I’ve tried the 4 fin quad set up and yesterday tried the 3 fin thruster set up. Both produced excellent performance but totally different feelings when it came to surfing and manoeuvrability.

With the quad set up, the surf was 2-3ft light cross offshore winds. I found surfing with the board flatter produced better results. Fast with snappy turns, pivoting around the centre – back of the board (a nice feeling but definitely better for smaller waves). This was only the second time surfing a quad set up so exciting times ahead as I get to surf it more often

The thruster felt more familiar, surf was 4ft + with light cross shore winds. Drawn out turns and nice feeling all round, found I could pivot around the tail more and vertical up the wave. Again, super easy to paddle in and I love the short 5’9 feeling once your up and going.