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Link Friday: Indoor Parks, Snowworld & Jake Terry

Posted on: May 20, 2011 Listed in: News by Chris Skinner

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First up – a couple of sites showing the latest park plans at snowdomes throughout the UK. Jibberjabber is more specific to SNO!zone slopes while parkshaper caters for all.

Regularly updated with nice visuals.


Second up is a short video of the 2010 progression series at Snowworld, Landgraaf.

Located in the Netherlands, Snowworld at Landgraff is a huge indoor slope boasting 5 slopes with a total of nine lifts. The longest slope being 520 meters with a 6-seater chairlift! Insane…

Landgraaf also has a 4-star hotel with 100 rooms and 420 beds.

I’m planning on doing a trip over to Landgraff sometime this summer, if you’re keen on coming along then register your interest below or email me.


Last on todays list, but by no mean least, is Jake Terrys Blog.

A regular face at freestyle nights at Hemel and other indoor slopes Jake oozes talent and is the current 2011 British Kids Halfpipe & Boardercross Champion. Have a look at Jakes recent video and read more about him here

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4 Responses

  1. Len says:

    We’re in…..Posted interest on FB page.

  2. paulboy99 says:

    WOW that slope in Holland looks insane, myself Cathal and Cooley are definately interested in heading over, depending on when it is.

    • I’m thinking sometime in August. I know a friend in Bath is keen too and maybe a few of his friends – if we can get a fair group together maybe hire a coach!

      Could spend two days there staying over in the hotel. I’ll look into specific dates and see what prices we can get – would August be good for you?

      • paulboy99 says:

        August could be perfect, was meant to be going to Spain for a week but it looks like that’s not going to happen now. Will know for sure in a few weeks!