React First Aid CoursesLast week saw me joining in with the morning commute as I headed up town for my 2 day sports first aid course with React First.

Having been first aid qualified and attending regular courses for over 10 years this has to be by far the most interesting and enjoyable one I have been on. With a 9 – 5 schedule spread over 2 days, the course runs with a 15 minute break both in the morning and afternoon as well as half an hour for lunch.

All information required to gain the qualification was broken down and delivered at a steady pace. At every opportunity, course material was related to the line of work of individuals in the group which made it easier to relate to.

Mock scenarios were also used to further embed those all important key elements, and in turn this highlights potential areas for improvement and giving that ‘real’ feeling – making you really think about what you have to do and get that heart racing.

Using this format, basic life saving skills begin to click and work like clockwork. But it doesn’t stop there, as new scenarios and ways of managing these are developed while all the time referring back to a simple yet highly effective lifesaving structure.

I came out of the two days with a whole new bag of tricks and a boosted confidence in dealing with any situation that may occur while at work or not. And all this with a 1-6 instructor to student ratio.

If you’re looking to do a first aid course but don’t really fancy sitting in a chair all day being lectured too and fancy learning more than just the basics, be sure to take a look at the selection of courses run by React First. – Sports First Aid, Outdoor First Aid and much more.