Synergy Snowsports Park Tour 2011

Synergy group in Laax

It’s that time again – for a second year running, Synergy Snowsports will be hosting their Park Tour, you get to ride 4 resorts and 4 parks in Switzerland spread out over the space of one week.

The week starts off in the mellow snow park of Scoul and by the end of the week you’re hitting up the park in Davos. if you’re super keen on seeing exactly what sized kickers / rails and boxes you’ll be hitting up, check out the pictures below or the following website for park layouts.

Here’s the low down from Synergy Snowsports about the trip:

What you get:

• A seriously great week in the mountains with 9 other seriously nice people
• Your transfer to and from Zurich airport by Mini-bus or Train
• All of your resort transfers from park to park
• All of your lifts passes (6 days) for each resort
• 6 Nights of Half board in The Snowmotions Lodge in Lenzerheide
• 1 night in Davos Snowboarders Palace (hostel)
• 5 Days of freestyle coaching from ISIA qualified British instructors
• 3 evenings of video analysis
• Board maintenance workshop
• SLR pictures and HD footage of your riding to take away with you
• 15% off all goods at
• Stoke, like you’ve never had it before!

Price: £895
Dates: 19th – 26th March
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The Details:

Get yourself out to Zurich on Saturday 19th March with a return flight for the following Saturday 26th March. We’ll pick you up and take you to the resort of Davos Klosters for the night (Europe’s highest city and host to the 6* TTR Event ‘The Oneil Evolution’).

Scoul Rainbow Box

Wake up in Davos at the Snowboarders Palace to a hearty breakfast and glorious Blue Bird (!) But the Davos shred is still a few days away (it’s probably the most demanding of the parks and we’d like to kick off with a really mellow one) so we’re off to the hidden gem of Scuol in the Engadine valley by Swiss train.

Start time: Train leaves at 8am

Journey Time: 1.15min to the piste

Shred time: 6 hours

Park style: Long 2 km park with a great ‘small’ line of 3 kickers (2m tables) and a 9 Box line with plenty of progression. No pipe. High speed 6 man chairlift.
Train returns to Davos at 4pm and then it’s onto our Chalet in Lenzerheide for the rest of the week with dinner and all things nice thrown in with the deal. Sleep well!!

Day 2: Lenzerheide – c
Lenzerheide Park

From your slumber you can smell breakfast! Eat lots you’re going to need your strength! We’re shredding locally in Lenzerheide today. A 1 min walk to the 3 man chair and it’s up-up and away! The Lenzer Park is outstanding.

Start time: 9 am ish!

Journey time: 1 min to the lift, 5 mins to the piste

Shred time: eh, first lift – last call?

Park style: Short and sweet! This park can be hiked in 2/3 mins. 3 mellow 2 meter table kickers in a row and a 10 box line of varying difficulty. This is truly the place that will rocket your confidence into space!

Day 3: Lenzerheide – Lenzerheide
Lenzerheide Park wall stall

Seen as though you loved Lenzerheide soo much and learnt soo many new things we’re going to give you another day in there to really lock down those tricks and add some variations to the things we covered yesterday. If you’re front side 180’s look good then let’s try them from your toe edge now…

Start time: 10 am….someone needs a bit of a lie-in!

Journey time: 1 Min 30 secs (legs a little tired maybe?)

Shred time: 4 hours and then it’s time for a little watch of some of our footage from the days riding and decent chat about everyone’s progress and make sure we’re all happy with the progression. Did anyone say beer?

Day 4: Lenzerheide – Laax
Laax mini rainbow

OK, lets blow this mountain and get ourselves across to the Mighty Laax! And guess what? The Brits are on! The vide in town will be great and all of their features in both small and big parks will be cut and shaped to perfection – lets shred them!

Start time: 8.30 am – lets get this show started

Journey time: 30 mins to the piste by mini-bus

Shred time: We’ll see how we go but it may be fun to watch some of the competition as well. And then there’s the huge après-ski line up!! Too many DJ’s?

Park Style: Short laps on a Poma drag lift in both small and medium parks. Laax is certainly geared up better with boxes and some ride on rail features – this will really give us An opportunity to step up our feature riding skills. The 2 smaller kickers are good but there should be a BIG one….on to the air bag which we’ll make lots of use of! 1 Super pipe and lots of jib features in the ‘medium’ park.

Departure time: Let’s not call this one too early! Perhaps we’ll just grab a burger there and see what happens!

Day 5: Lenzerheide – Davos
Davos Park 2011 Kickers Davos Park

This is the day we’ve been building to – DAVOS! The Davos park is on a whole new level and set for us to begin getting a little higher in the air and little further on the boxes! At first glance things seem a little big but we’ll talk you through the importance of sighting your run in and spotting you landings long before you ride anything. Get your speed dialled and prepare for take off!

Start time: 8 am – the early bird catches the …err…big air!

Journey time: 45 mins

Shred time: All day guys – once you pop, you just can’t stop!

Park Style: This is a serious park on the surface but after a quick look at how well cut everything is and just how great things are shaped you’ll be filled with confidence and wanting more. 2 small kickers, 4 medium kickers, 3 Big kickers and 1 MASSIVE one make up the air options but there’s more. Not 1 but 2 super pipes and a great variety of ride-on boxes, street rails, rainbows, Wall rides and bonks….BONK! Short laps here too on a fast T-Bar.

Departure time: After a long day in the park it’s time to hit the huge outdoor SPA in Davos aptly named Eau-La-La!! And we’re likely to do that after a bit of Après at the bottom of Europe’s largest super pipe (that’s right, there’s a bar at the bottom!)

Friday 25th Day 6: Lenzerheide

Today is your day to do with what you please! Of course being in Lenzerheide means you’ve got access to a huge old mountain and the park we used earlier on in the week. OR, you could step it up and have a look in the bigger park!

The pistes around Lenzerheide are vast so don’t get lost but make sure you have a good look around. The Synergy team will certainly be up for a day on the hill with you but formal coaching will have finished the day before. We need to shred too you know!

Once you’ve totally knackered yourself for the day it’s lights out for the last time before setting off back to Zurich airport on the mini bus. However, if you have a late flight then we are happy for you to stick around and ride some more and we’ll give you a lift to CHUR train station later in the day. From there the train to Zurich takes 1 hr 45 mins and costs 45 CHF.

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