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Escape 5’9 Peanut Surfboard

escape peanut 5'9 surfboardEscape 5’9″ Peanut: 5’9″, 20 ½ (Epoxy)

Enter the new addition to my quiver. I say quiver, when in fact I only have 2 surfboards…

After trying out the demo board from ZumaJays surf shop in Bude, a week later I traded in my MadDog short board and purchased the Peanut.

I love the way the peanut paddles and the ease of getting into waves. I’ve tried the 4 fin quad set up and yesterday tried the 3 fin thruster set up. Both produced excellent performance but totally different feelings when it came to surfing and manoeuvrability.

With the quad set up, the surf was 2-3ft light cross offshore winds. I found surfing with the board flatter produced better results. Fast with snappy turns, pivoting around the centre – back of the board (a nice feeling but definitely better for smaller waves). This was only the second time surfing a quad set up so exciting times ahead as I get to surf it more often

The thruster felt more familiar, surf was 4ft + with light cross shore winds. Drawn out turns and nice feeling all round, found I could pivot around the tail more and vertical up the wave. Again, super easy to paddle in and I love the short 5’9 feeling once your up and going.

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Stay Safe on Cornwalls beaches with the RNLI

Do you know your flags?

Be sure to get ‘water wise’ before heading to the coast – the leaflets below are available from most surf shops in and around coastal towns. Alternatively check out the RNLI website for more information before heading into the water.

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Bude Lifeboat Day 2010

Each year, a day is put aside in Bude for Lifeboat Day. This is to raise money and awareness for the RNLI.

Bude Lifeboat Day is always on or around the August bank holiday weekend and this year was no difference.

There were various demonstrations going on, including capsize drills and a search and rescue demonstration by the Bude and Padstow Lifeboat, with the helicopter putting in an appearance too.

Lifeboat day is not all water based though, other activities throughout the day included the Pasty Judging, Kids Crab Fishing Competition and much more. Ending with a big Hog Roast at 7.00pm, then drinking and merry goings on leading well into the wee hours of the morning. Oh and a nice big fireworks show to top it all off!

Check out Bude Lifeboat Day 2010 schedule by clicking here

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Snowboard, Jakobshorn Park, Davos Spring 2010

Here’s a short video I put together of some footage shot at the end of last season whilst on a well earned holiday!

I visited some friends out in Davos, Switzerland for 4 days riding park for most of the time and on the last day took the camera up.

You can see some pictures and a short Blog post: A shredding train trip: Davos to Scuol, about a day trip to Scuol that we did around the same time (a local resort to Davos).

Donnie Macleod who runs synergysnowsports and myself took 3 runs through the park and I’ve collected some of the footage read more

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Unwanted guests brought in by South Westerly winds

…this Gyre is similar to the North Pacific Gyre by way that this gyre traps man-made ocean debris in the North Atlantic Garbage Patch, similar to the Great Pacific Garbage Patch in the North Pacific

Toward the end of June we had some strong swell hit the UK and unfortunately it brought some unwanted guests with it. I’m not talking about the jelly fish, although there were quiet a few in the water, but referring to rubbish or as it is technically known, “Marine debris”.

After looking into this subject, it lead me to information read more

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Airculture and Monster Energy Drink Bude Skate Comp.

Bude skate park played host to the Airculture and Monster energy drink skateboarding competition held over the weekend.

Crowds gathered at the small, but well know and respected, skate park at Crooklets, Bude at around 4.00 on Saturday 10th July.

James Sweet was there early to winds things up on the mic, setting challenges throughout the day with Monster fuelling things along with their energy drink. We saw skaters tear up the small ramp and abuse all available park features.

Tonnes on prizes where given out to the winners by Airculture, including t-shirts, shoes and phat goody bags. Winners included Jago, Tauri, Danny, Gordo, Angus, Like, Sam, and Jay.

‘Bude host Monster and Airculture Skate Competition 10th July’

Airculture and Monster Energy Drink Bude Skate Comp 10 July Airculture and Monster Energy Drink Bude Skate Comp 10 July

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Raven Surf School Elite Squad 05.07.10

Location: Crooklets, Bude
Conditions: 3-4ft with a moderate NW

Video footage: here
Facebook fan page: here

A chance again for the guys to try out the single fin from last week.

Unfortunately the single fin only had a few showings this week. The guys found it pretty tough to get out back on it.
Being a 6ft it was just that little too long for them in the slightly bigger conditions this week.

It’s the last week of the year for Elite Squad next week.

Big thanks to Zuma Jays for the loan of the board this week – again!

Elite Squad Youth Surf Training done through Raven Surf School

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Smoking and road side fires

Drivers who smoke at the wheel could face prosecution under changes to the Highway Code. Lighting-up at the wheel has been added to the list of “distractions” which police and lawyers can cite in court when seeking a conviction for a traffic offence. It joins eating and drin….. Read more:

I took the above article from

Driving back to London last week during the hot weather I saw no less than 2 road side fires. Both of which had drivers parked near by, obviously on there phones to emergency services.

One of these fires was already getting out of control as there was a strong wind. Luckily this wind was blowing across and away from the duel carriage way, so the smoke was not causing any danger to the passing traffic yet! However, this wind read more

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Raven Surf School Elite Squad 28.06.10

Location: Crooklets, Bude
Conditions: 2-3ft with a moderate to strong westerly on-shore wind

Video footage: here
Facebook fan page: hereSingle fin test board courtesy of Zuma Jay Surf Shop Bude.

After a short wait for Nik to arrive (he was on another one of his “surf research” weekends down in Newquay again), we formed the circle of trust.

A chance, again, for the guys to reflect on last weeks session, giving feedback to each other and debating who would be the first to take out the test board this week, courtesy of ‘Zuma Jay’.

Funny enough there was no talk of England’s demise over the weekend.. oh well.

This week, ‘Zuma Jay’ Surf Shop (located in Bude, Cornwall) have been nice enough to lend us a test board for Elite Squad training. The idea behind this single fin read more

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6x Telescope zoom lens for iPhone 3GS

I have just purchased a Telescope lens for my iPhone.

The box comes with a special case for the iPhone with a mount for the telescope to slide onto. Also included is a blue lens cloth, a nice little tie to attach to the telescope so you don’t lose it and of course the telescopic lens.

The zoom is 6x optical and works well with the built in camera on the iPhone. The case fits my 3GS very nicely, however sometimes a steadier hand than mind is required to get the most out of it the telescopic lens.

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