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Raven Surf School Elite Squad 21.06.10

Location: Crooklets, Bude
Conditions: 2-3ft with a moderate northerly cross shore wind (although the sun was out, it was a tad cold for me perched up on that rock filming)

Video footage: here
Facebook fan page: here

This was a particularly fun session and you’ll see that from this weeks footage. I do like the many wipe outs and the odd cover up too!

A bit of a shore break and closing out but the guys made the most of it, perfect conditions for launching out of that lip!

Before heading out on the water we ran through some constructive feedback from last week.

This gave a chance for the guys to voice their opinions on each others riding in a relaxed atmosphere while warming up.

This immediately set the tone for the session and there was a real buzz in the air, everyone was amped, ready to prove it to their piers. Let the games begin!

Elite Squad Youth Surf Training done through Raven Surf School

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Corwnall, sun, surf and the world cup

The sun is out, the surf is clean and no one’s about. Feels like I should go on and make a poem out of this!

We’ve been having some great weather down here the last couple of days.

I distinctly remember it being like this last year in June. Let’s hope it remains good throughout the summer this time.

The surf has been small but respectable, with the odd day here and there where we get treated with a nice pulse of strong swell.

This picture was taken just after I had woke up about 11.00.. I’d been for a morning surf and after some food had a nap on the beach – nice!

summer surfing in cornwall

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Raven Surf School Elite Squad 14.06.10

Location: Crooklets, Bude
Conditions: 3ft with Mid-Strong cross shore winds (that old northerly was back!)

Video footage: Below or click here
Facebook fan page: here

So ok, it was a bit windy but hey, sunny, clear skies and 3ft of swell isn’t all that bad!

The Elite Squad were in action again yesterday evening at Crooklets Beach. Kick off was at 6 and after a short warm up the guys hit the water – each with their own specific task to work on for this week.

A few of the guys felt that they didn’t have a very good session this week but I be to differ and hopefully they’ll watch the video this week so they can see for themselves (you know who you are!)

A small treat in store for next week… lets just say say I’m going to test to see how good their balance is. Check back next week to see what the surprise was.

Elite Squad Youth Surf Training done through Raven Surf School

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Raven Surf School Elite Squad 07.06.10

Location: Crooklets, Bude
Conditions: 2ft with Mid-Strong cross offshore winds

Video footage: Below or click here
Facebook fan page: here

The weather and surf conditions weren’t that great yesterday evening for this weeks Elite Squad training, however it was really good to see more of the guys (total of 7 this week – only 1 missing!)

We ran through some feedback on the previous weeks video (this can be seen here), and after some stance and balance drills the guys hit the water.

Both Max and Lewis tried out the helmets with built in headphones this week, while Mike gave instant feedback from the beach over the Mic.
These helmets are just great as every correction / feedback can be given while you are out on the water. nice!

A big congrats to Jobe Harriss for winning last weekends Quiksilver King of the Groms at Nequay, Cornwall.

Elite Squad Youth Surf Training done through Raven Surf School

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Raven Surf School Elite Squad 31.05.10


Monday nights are set to be training sessions for the Raven Surf School Elite Squad. These sessions run by Mike Raven, owner and head coach at Raven Surf School, with help from myself and Nick.

The Elite squad is a team of youth surfers from the ages of 13 – 14 living in or around Bude, Cornwall. The team including the likes of Liam Turner and Joe Harriss, both who have been selected for Team GB.

Location: Widemouth
Conditions: 3-4ft with light cross off shore winds.

Video footage: here
Facebook fan page: here

Elite Squad Youth Surf Training done through Raven Surf School

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London Choi Kwang Do Seminar 15.05.10

The London Choi-Kwang-Do Martial Art Seminar is taking place today at Woking lesiure center, London.

Viewing of the seminar is free from the balcony above, ideal for taking pictures.

Tmes: 9.00 – 4.00
Post code: GU22 9BA

Update: 6.35pm
A great day was had – a real good atmosphere with the Surrey CKD Demo team giving an excellent performance.

Check out a video of them here.

Grandmaster Kwang Jo Choi demonstrated various techniques throughout the day during both the childrens and adult seminars.

Informative question and answer sessions at the end of each individual seminar gave students and public alike a deeper insight into the martial art.

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Out with the boards – time for Summer!

Down from the loft and out of the wrapping, off with the old wax in prep for a fresh coat…

I was busy today scraping the wax off my 6’2″ Mad Dog short board (this pictures was taken before I started). Also cleaned up the 6″4′ fish that I had made last summer in Bude by Roger Tout A nice floaty board that rides the small summer surf well.

Only 2 weeks to go until I move down to Bude for the summer!

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Tescos Apple 3GS iPhone 12 month contract

iphone3gsI received my new 3GS iPhone in the post today.

I went for the Tesco deal which is the cheapest available at the moment at £20 per month for 12 months and an upfront cost of £320 for the handset. Includes 250 minutes per month, unlimited internet and texts, not bad!

There is a cheaper option, going for just the 3G (not the S) and this is only £220 upfront at the same month rate. including the same deal.

At the moment no one else comes close for first time contract buyers.

Link to the site where info can be found is here

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A Hideaway in the Lakes

Windermere Lake District

After an 8, yes you heard it, 8 hour drive we arrived at Windermere in the Lake District.

To be perfectly honest the only time I’d been further north than this was to spend a week in Scotland a year and a half ago. Well I can tell you now that the drive was worth it and sitting on the M6 for 2hrs too!

We settled into a nice cosy room in a quaint yet modern B&B, The hideaway at Windermere. The weather was clear with a fresh breeze in the air as we contemplated boat rowing for the following day – later followed the fresh smell of steak sending my mouth into overdrive. Honestly one of the best dinners I’ve had and weekend stays more to the point, great service and food was excellent.

So, if by chance you’re deciding to head up north for a couple of days, check this one out!

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