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MacBook Pro keyboard, trackpad not working

The Big Freeze!

A couple of weeks back I kept finding, when using my MacBook Pro, that the keyboard and trackpad would just randomly freeze up and not respond. Leaving me stuck in the middle of something important, or not! I tried plugging in a USB mouse, which worked fine so wasn’t a software issue.

Most of the time this was resolved by a quick restart, but wouldn’t last long until it stop working again. This only really happened when I had been using my MacBook Pro for while, so something to do with ‘heat’ clicked up!

MacBook Pro Keyboard and Mouse Freeze Pic1MacBook Pro Keyboard and Mouse Freeze Pic2

The Work around

without having to take it to a service shop

I found the problem was the two orange wires under the battery. Possibly, after a while the heat from the battery had affected them somehow, or the heat had affected/changed the shape of the battery very slightly and this in-turn resulted in less pressure being put onto these wires. Either way, below is a quick solution I found.

-Please note: You do any of the following at your own risk, if you are unsure of any of this, take you MacBook Pro to the local computer shop and let a professional do it for you-

1. Power down your MacBook Pro, removed the battery and locate the two orange wires (A) & (B)

2. Cut out some small pieces of card, start out with some small thin strips

3. Cover the orange wires horizontally with a strip or strips of card

4. NOTE: Be sure not to cover area (C) marked on the picture as this in the underside of the track pad button and will not work that well if covered.

5. Replace the battery and power up your MacBook Pro. The addition of the strips of card will result in added pressure on the wires and it should working again, if it is still not working try adding some more strips of card to areas (A) and (B)

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Gooding: Tour dates, a new album + free music

The first time I met Gooding was in California back in January 2003. I had just got off a 10 hr plane journey from London and the following day was about to start my first ever winter season – wow, how time has flown.

I was staying in Long Barn for one night before heading up to Cold Springs where I would spend the next 3 months working at Dodge Ridge Ski Resort, CA.

I had the pleasure of meeting and listening to Gooding in a jam session that evening. One of my, to be, work colleagues was also there, an Australian named Pip on piano.

I ordered a beer, sat back and watched as Pip and Gooding chatted over by the piano. Gooding disappeared and moments later reappeared with his guitar, they both started playing and after some time, a local joined in on harmonica. I was lucky enough to get given a copy of the album ‘Life Itself’ – wonder if Gooding remembers it?

An experience I’ll never forgot and still tell it to friends when reminiscing about old seasons. Since then I’ve followed the bands progress and success over the past 8 years.

Head over to their site and download the latest album. You won’t be disappointed.

All the best guys – keep up the good work.

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BN1 Kitesurfing website goes live

BN1 Kitesurfing have just launched a fresh, slick looking site.

BN1 is a mobile kitesurfing school based in Brighton. If you fancy being coached in a new and exiting sport, then BN1 is your ticket to ride.

With over 25yrs of coaching Stav Thraves will ensure you learn Kitesurfing in a fun and safe environment with the latest kit and expertise tuition.

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Snow Park Guide 2009/2010

So, you’ve always wanted to find out about snow parks in Europe but not sure where to look. Well here’s a neat little site to check out gives massive amounts of information on over 26 parks spread over Switzerland, Austria, Germany and Italy.

Each park is given it’s own page with park facts including length, width, distance to nearest lift, hillside situation (e.g. South facing) and the number of shapers PLUS many times the park is shaped during the day!

And a neat little pop up that gives you a plan of the park, showing easy, medium and hard lines. It doesn’t stop there. Info about resort opening times, prices and freestyle events are also listed.

This is a site that’s definitely going on my favorites list so go check it out

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A shredding train trip: Davos to Scuol

Scoul Rainbow Box

Some of the Synergy crew know the back corner resorts in Switzerland, so I joined them in the Engardine Valley for Scuol’s closing day.

We put down the final boardslides of the day as the piste bullies torn down the park around us. Sad but pretty cool to witness.

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Definition Freestyle Camp April 2010 – Hemel Snow Centre

Definiton Freestyle Course: Hemel Hemstead Snowcentre

Last weekends 2 day Definition freestyle course at Hemel Hemstead snow centre went down a storm.

Myself and a strong group of 6 riders began the weekend with some general riding drills and progressed onto the box by early afternoon. A steady, solid, safe progression throughout the day saw many of the riders achieving their goals and laying done an array of 50-50’s , tail presses and boardslides.

The second day saw a similar progression, but this time it was the kicker that was attacked in style! We witnessed an assortment of airs from boned out nose grabs to both F/S and B/S 180’s with a few half cabs (switch F/S 180) thrown in for good measure. Nice!

The group left the snow centre having thoroughly abused all the park features. A super successful weekend, a big well done to all the riders. We look forward to seeing you all again soon.

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The penultimate day – Synergy Park Tour

Synergy Park Tour - Donnie with clients

Today sees the penultimate day of the Synergy Park Tour taking place in Switzerland. A whole week full of snow parks, jibs, rails and train journeys sees the first year that Synergy have put on such an event.

Fear not though as they have plans to run another one next year and have started taking bookings for it already! Crazy I know, but where else do you get to ride 6 different parks in 6 days and some top freestyle coaching thrown in for good measure. Check out some of the pictures from the 2010 Tour here

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Snowboard Coach BASI Level 2 exam ends

snowboard coach basi level 2 group photo

Congratulations to the following snowboard coach students, who passed both the teaching and technical assessments last week and now have their full BASI Snowboard Instructor Level 2 Cert. Snowboard Coach BASI Level 2 exam starts

Gaz Price, Laura Price, James Wilkins, Dave Clifford, Martin Hunt, Tom Roper, Adian Griffiths, Darran Cummings, Jen Surma, Tim Ball, Andy Gibson and Luke Hansen

Well done to everyone on the 2010 10 week winter snowboard coach course held in Bansko, Bulgaria.

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Snowboard Coach Performace Weeks

snowboard coach performance weekAlthough there wasn’t any snow forecast for a good couple of days, steep powder runs and trees were still on the menu for the February snowboard coach performance course.

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WhiteDot Freeride hit Bulgaria

WhiteDot Freeride are a small global company based out of Chamonix.

They believe in Quote “…skis that aren’t just pieces of equipment, but when stepped into they become an extension of you”

As well as France, they are also well know throughout New Zealand, UK, USA, Austria, Sweden and Norway. And now Bulgaria, as Method Snow School grab the chance to sample both the ‘Preacher’ and ‘Redeemer’ models.

Read about them and their 09/10 range here

Photo:Dave Bridges

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