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Unfortunately this blog is no longer update regularly – checkout SnowboardCoachNews for news on my work

Snowboard Coach, Westbeach shred school night Tamworth

Last weekend I traveled up to Tamworth along with the rest of the snowboard coach team to help run saturday nights freestyle shred school.

Along with Westbeach, snowboard coach ran a shred school freestyle night with loads of prizes to be won and general snowboarding shenanigans and fun!

Slope time and coaching was included in the price of £35 for the evening (8.00-12.00).

Those who attended were spoilt for choice and before heading out onto the slope sorted into one of the following four groups on offer.

• Beginner boxes • Beginner jumps • Intermediate rails • Intermediate jumps

With 8 coaches on hand, instruction / demos and informative feedback was flying all over the place..! read more

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Basics of hitting a jump on a snowboard

Here’s something for you to mull over on this friday morning.

A common area that people struggle with when hitting kickers is not knowing where to drop in from, how to drop in, when to get low, how low to get, when to pop and if this all goes to plan, why doesn’t the next hit go as good?

In the following article I am going to illustrate a simple structured approach that you can take into every kicker with a couple of self checks to keep you safe.

These being: Where to drop in from? | Taking off | Up and down Movements | Tips

Please Note: This article is written for those working towards or perfecting basic straight airs, no spins.

Before doing anything, inspect the feature. Make sure the coast is clear and ride down, stopping in a safe place visible by others (not on the run in or on the landing – to the side of the feature is best). Take note of the run up, distance to be covered and landing. Only now should you think about hitting the feature.

Davos Park 2011 Kickers

Where to drop in from?

This is the first aspect of hitting kickers that I like address when coaching and can’t stress how important it is to get right. If you don’t have the correct speed, you can forget the rest…

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Cookies for the hungry snowboarder

How to make Cookies’ for the hungry snowboarder

It’s been a while since I wrote a post so I thought this would be a nice change.

Designed specifically for the technical, hard working, powder hungry snowboarder who likes to stay on the move all day, these home made cookies will keep you going until the lift close.
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Will Gilmore’s Snowboard Blog goes live

I am 8yrs old and I love snowboarding. It is my ambition to be the best I can be, and I’d really love to be good enough to compete in the winter Olympics..


Young Will Gilmore has officially decided (along with some help from his parents…) that he should showcase his talent to world and at only 8 Will is already taking the UK freestyle scene by storm finishing within the top 3 spaces in his first 2 competitions!

Sponsored by Definition Camps, WIll can be found at pretty much every freestyle course that is run and I have been most fortunate to work with him on a regular basis since his arrival to Definition early last season. I remember Will being a little on the shy side when first attending the courses but not now.
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Link Friday: Tim Humphreys GoPro POV

Check out the following video by Tim Humphreys. A collection of footage shot POV style, using a GoPro HD Hero, edited and put together by Tim himself.

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How to build a snowboard balance bar / rail

build a snowboard balance bar(1)
Here’s something to keep you busy and still working on snowboarding throughout the summer! A snowboard balance bar / rail.

Great for fitness and trying some new tricks out in the safety of your garden, or front lounge, which ever you prefer. If you are a super newbie then definitely build yourself a balance rail. For advance riders, this is a real good platform to build your snowboard skills for street rail get-ons (non ride on boxes / rails etc).

Because the beam is higher than you, it encourages, good pop and locking in the board onto the rail.
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Definition Riders killing it at Southern Freestyle

definition camps rider cerysdefinition camps rider will

Southern Freestyle Series & Trick Buster Jam

It’s been a couple of weeks now, but back on the 16th of July Bracknell Dry Slope played host to the final round of the Southern Freestyle Series.

Congratulations are in order to Will and Cerys, who both finishing in podium positions. Cerys claiming first place with a gold and 3rd place in the previous two rounds.
A special event for young Will too (only just 8yrs old) finishing 3rd in the under 14’s category at his first ever snowboard comp too! Pictures from the event

Also a big well done to: Jack, Skyla, Will and Cerys for all reaching the finals at the Trick Buster Jam put on by For Boarders by Boarders at Milton Keynes on Saturday 23rd July.

Jamie Nicholls at Hemel

Finally, here’s a short video of when Jamie Nicholls decided to join in on Jake Terrys Birthday Bash early this month at Hemel.

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Link Friday: Jake Terrys Brithday Bash

Billabong All For One freestyle Jam at Hemel 9th July

Here’s something to get exited about on this rainy July Morning. This Saturday, the 9th of July (tomorrow) it’s Jake Terrys Birthday!

If your wondering who am I talking about then check out the following post, which tells you a little bit about the current 2011 British Kids Halfpipe & Boardercross Champion. Link Friday – UK Indoor Park Set-ups, Snowworld Landgraaf and Jake Terry

Tomorrows event is all about prizes and having fun, exactly what a birthday should be about.

There will be demo Kit available from the world’s leading manufacturers, oh and I hear there’s also some birthday cake, jelly and ice cream to be had too…!

I will be there coaching for Definition Camps as we run some freestyle sessions similar to those run on the SCUK Bash. See here for info on sessions types: Link Friday – Definition Camps at Hemel spring SCUK Bash
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Definition Camps 18/19th June Hemel Snow Centre

Event: Definition Camps 2 day Freestyle Course
Location: Hemel Hempstead Snow Centre
Date: 18th / 19th June 2011
Pictures: Coming soon

Definition Camps 18/19 June Hemel HempsteadLast weekend saw another 2 day definition camps freestyle course held at Hemel Hempstead Snow Centre.

Another great weekend and another great group of riders.

Day: 1

The first days riding was all about the rails. After a good warm up and some technical riding aspects it was straight over to the SCUK box.

There was a real mixed group with a real variety of riding standards. This prompted for a challenging but rewarding day for all. Basic, first time 50-50s all the way up to switch backside 270 on were on the cards.

Day 2:

More technical and riding specific drills were covered in the morning to insure everyone was well balanced and standing over their boards.
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Definition Camps Riding Session

This evening I will be coaching a 3hr riding performance ‘tips and tricks’ session at Hemel Hempstead Snow Centre – through Definition Camps.

Session starts at 6.00 (meeting in the bar area 5.45).

General riding technique / stance will be looked at as well as rotations/ground tricks and a talk about equipment.

See the website for further details / booking.

Location: Hemel Hempstead Snow Centre
Price: £55(includes slope time and coaching for 3hrs)

I will also be in the bar area from just after 9.00 – 9.30 if anyone wants to come along for a chat.

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