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The Wall Teaser – Japanese Skate Park Bowl

How about this for a different snowboard park set up! Ok, it might not be everyones cup of tea but dam it sure looks like fun.

Only the Japanese would go to this much trouble to shape a freestyle garden and who knows, it might even encourage some of us to get lower when riding variable terrain!

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2011 K2 Fastplant Review – All Black Shredder

k2 fastplant snowboardEarlier this season I picked up a K2 Fastplant and have been riding it since being in Davos.

Back in October last year when researching the board and checking up on it’s stats, I stumbled across a video review on the K2 Fastplant by ‘The All Black Shredder’. If you haven’t seen any of his snowboard reviews then check out the ESPN Channel.

There are a few other snowboard video reviews on YouTube by ‘The All Black Shredder’ but there’s something about the way the ESPN videos are edited.

Quotes such as “Mandatory 5-0” – “that’s a myth, that’s never a 6” and “Medium” are all infinitely quotable (try NOT to think about these next time you ride).

ESPN Channel: Lib Tech TRS, Ride Machete and DC Devun Walsh
YouTube Channel: K2 WWW Wide, Burton Hero Wide, Rossignol Angus Mid Wide

All boards are 2011 models. Check out the video review of the K2 Fastplant below – lets hope there’s more read more

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BruxSport Mouthguard Review

It has been just over 3 weeks since my initial post:Snowboarding and mouthguards – BruxSport about Bruxsport mouthguards.

Since then I have been wearing the mouthguard when riding freestyle terrain (i.e. park and pipe).

In another post I wrote about my written work entitled:Understanding How Stress Affects our Sport, I refer about being “in the zone”.

This “in the zone” I refer to is a state of calmness but at the same time being alert – not tense but strong, ready to react and respond in a heart beat. The way this state of mind and body is brought about can of course be different for many people, but I have found that when I slow my breathing down and focus on read more

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Synergy Snowsports Park Tour 2011

Synergy group in Laax

It’s that time again – for a second year running, Synergy Snowsports will be hosting their Park Tour, you get to ride 4 resorts and 4 parks in Switzerland spread out over the space of one week.

The week starts off in the mellow snow park of Scoul and by the end of the week you’re hitting up the park in Davos. if you’re super keen on seeing exactly what sized kickers / rails and boxes you’ll be hitting up, check out the pictures below or the following website for park layouts.

Here’s the low down from Synergy Snowsports about the trip: read more

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Pretty Lights Music and The Firm Graphics

I’ve just just come off a site where there’s free music. We all love free stuff but you’ll love this even more when you hear the tunes.

I got the link from James Sweets latest short snowboarding video. Always one for sourcing out good tunes! Check out

Click the little blue tab at the bottom of the site to bring up the player. My favourite is “Making up a Changing Mind – I Can See It In Your Face”

The design of the site is pretty slick too, designed by

Pretty Lights Music Website

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Twixtor Plug-in and Jes Deinterlacer

If you ever wondered how to get super slow motion video while at the same time keeping HD video qualify then check this out.

Here’s a short clip from a friend of mine, James Sweet, edited with Twixtor Plug-in for Final Cut Express which creates the super slow motion video. Twixtor can be used to not only slow down your footage but also speed it up to.

Click here for a preview of Twixtor slow and fast scenes edited together. Click here for the plug in for the mac.

The majority of the footage is slowed down 50% using Jes Deinterlacer. Here is a simple tutorial /guide on how to use JES Deinterlacer for the mac to achieve 50% slow motion, just use the following settings: read more

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Sequel to TRON: Legacy? TRON 3 predictions

Will there be a sequel to TRON: Legacy? TRON 3 prediction / story line:

I realise this post is somewhat off the usual ‘sporting’ subject but I hate to see a good film go unnoticed.

I remember watching the original Tron film years back and was excited to hear of the follow up that came out last year. Now without spoiling the movie for those who haven’t seen it yet, I think that there will be a another sequel in the not to distance future and here’s why.

Original TRON – The film tells the story of Flynn as he attempts to hack into the ENCOM mainframe to prove that Dillinger has appropriated his work, but ends up being read more

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Synergy Snowsports Team photos , Ride snowboards and Special B ...

Synergy snowsports 2011 team photo Ride snowboards, Chris SkinnerOver the course of the next month I’ll be adding regular pictures and video clips with what’s going on out here in Switzerland.

First off is a team photo – oh and if you’re wondering why we look a little sleepy, it’s 8.30 in the morning and we’ve just got out of bed on a day off…

For the third season running now, Ride Snowboards provide the hardware for Synergy while Special Blend take care of the clothing side of things. This years Ride DH 2.4 limited edition has become a team favourite with its Hybrid ProRize technology.

Wall Stall Davos snowboard park, Chris SkinnerNext up is picture of myself in the park hitting the wall ride. I was loving this feature with a nice stall at the top giving endless opportunities for creativity.

The video is of a cheeky rock and roll – a pretty dodgy angle I know, but I’m still playing around with my go-pro. I have the connection to attached it to a pole but haven’t got around to it as I’ve been riding like mad since I got here.

Conditions have been great and the park and pipe are so nice right now – check out my earlier post with a couple of pictures of the park.

Hoping to also head over the Lenzerheide and Scoul (two local resorts to Davos) while I’m out here to check out their park set ups. Apparently they are looking pretty good too right now.

If you’re heading away to Europe and want to know what the park is like in a particular resort, be sure to check out the following website: Regular pictures and updates provide a great resource of information, they also list indoor domes within Europe too.

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Back with Synergy Snowsports in Davos

I arrived in Davos last Sunday to glorious sunshine and it has been like that all week. Low temperatures and a small dusting of snow last week have meant that on-piste conditions have been excellent. Perfectly groomed slopes, park and super pipe – what more could you ask for.

Well I suppose some fresh powder would be nice. But then again, as so much of Europe is struggling to even provide open runs down into resort, I’d say we should just continue to ride while quietly being smug.

Speaking of fresh snow though, clouds rolled in this afternoon from the south and fingers crossed may bring some snow.

I’m out here for a month working with Synergy Snowsports delivering their freestyle and technical riding clinics. While riding the last couple of days I managed to get some video footage done to complement the tips and tricks section.

I have just added a slow motion of the ‘How to Ollie‘ and ‘How to Nollie‘ articles in the tips and tricks section – a bit of a wait for those asking for some video footage but it’s finally here! Check them out here.

Here’s a couple of pictures taken with my go-pro of the current park set up in Davos.

Davos Park Hard Line Davos Park 2011 Kickers

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Snowboarding and mouthguards – BruxSport

Brux Sports Mouthguard SnowboardSince the onset of coaching freestyle snowboarding, I have unfortunately been witness to a few nasty falls, both on rails and jumps. It’s just one of those things that goes hand in hand with an extreme sport.

It amazes me though, that with all the snowboarding protective equipment available to the public, mouthguards seem to be getting left behind. Over the weekend I visited 2 snowboarding shops asking for mouthguards and both replied “sorry we don’t stock them”.

It’s one of the most important pieces of equipment in so many other sports that both professional and amateurs wear, so why not snowboarding? I know for a fact that some freestyle pro-riders do wear mouthguards when competing in freestyle events so why not old Joe public!?

The Product:

Earlier this month I contacted BruxSportUK, interested in their mouth guard / piece to see what I was missing out on. Last week I received my special edition mouthguard in the post – signed for service via TNT, a nice touch I thought!

Everything is stored in a compact black box protecting the contents during transport. The following is included:

– 1 x BruxSport Mouthgaurd – colour orange (available in a choice of 5 colours)
– Simple step-by-step instructions to moulding, in 12 different Languages
– An ‘adapter key’ to prevent scolding your hands when immersing in hot water
– Plastic shock proof case to store your mouthguard in
– A bunch of BruxSport Stickers

The mouthguard is designed to fit both adults and children – immerse in hot water for read more

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