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Definition Camps 21st Jan Hemel Snow Center

The set up for last Fridays Definition Freestyle Course at Hemel was amazing. With 2 rails and 2 kickers sectioned off for our exclusive use from 9-5.

The progression was something else, the guys lapped up the technical and equipment talk at the beginning of the day and by 10.45 were looking solid in there riding, ready to hit the park. 50-50’s on both the flat and down rail were brushed aside with ease so next up were boardslides and tail presses.

Equally solid on the kicker in the afternoon with everyone putting down some nice 180s, bearing in mind some of the group had never been on rails or kickers before, or very little.

During the course, regardless of the trick or technique, you are not just shown how to do it and then left. Technique and skills needed are built up slowly and broken down into bite sized chunks, making it easier to absorb.

On snow video feedback is crucial to fast and faultless progression and this is used throughout the day. Check this short video put together by Sam Cullum of the days riding to see how much you can progress in just one day!

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Sports First Aid Course – React First

React First Aid CoursesLast week saw me joining in with the morning commute as I headed up town for my 2 day sports first aid course with React First.

Having been first aid qualified and attending regular courses for over 10 years this has to be by far the most interesting and enjoyable one I have been on. With a 9 – 5 schedule spread over 2 days, the course runs with a 15 minute break both in the morning and afternoon as well as half an hour for lunch.

All information required to gain the qualification was broken down and delivered at a steady pace. At every opportunity, course material was related to the line of work of individuals in the group which made read more

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Isenseven Undermovie 2007 Trailer

In July 2007 Isenseven released it’s trailer of “Undermovie”, an additional feature of their 2007 release called “Übermovie”.

Since watching this for the first time back at the beginning of the 2007 season, it has been played many many times again. Usually during the season at around 7.00am to get me out of bed and geared up for a days riding.

Watch it and you’ll see why. For me it’s still the best snowboard film trailer I’ve seen (so far..)

Isenseven are currently releasing a bunch of films shot back in 2003. It’s really good to see the riding and filming style back then.

They will be posting 3 movies online every month for free viewing and downloading. Available here .

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O’Neill Evolution – Davos 2nd-8th Jan 2011

Be sure to check out the Live feed of the O’Neill Evolution from Davos in Switzerland.

“The first major 6Star TTR event of the year is here once again and you can watch it all LIVE on Freecaster. The O’Neill Evolution from Davos, Switzerland is the first event of the year where the riders can showcase those brand new tricks on the slopestyle course and go BIG on the 6 metre high, 130 metre long and 20 metre wide pipe. This is going to be one not to miss.”

There is also an iPhone stream available –
Link to the slopestyle session –

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A Sweet time in Tignes

Here’s a short video, shot in Tignes over the Christmas period, by a fellow ‘compadre’ of mine, James Sweet snowboarding.

James also works within the snowsports and surfing industry like myself and is from the sleepy town of Bude in Cornwall.

Read more about James at his blog and be sure to check out more sweet videos on his YouTube Channel.

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Buying a Snowboard – Basic Guide

I’m often asked when coaching, what type and style of snowboard is best to buy. This is especially the case when coaching freestyle and more so when instructing beginners.

Choosing a snowboard involves taking many considerations into account, especially in todays market where there are so many cross over styles between makes.

Ultimately though, when purchasing a snowboard we want something that is designed to suit our needs, something that is going to give us hours of enjoyment when out on the hill and that won’t hold us back.
read more

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Definition Camps 18/19th Dec Milton Keynes

Definition course 18th 19th December Milton Keynes

Wow, what a weekend! We had the whole place to ourselves both Saturday and Sunday with more snow outside than in..!

Drake demo snowboards and bindings were available again this weekend, with the guys trying out various set ups over the 2 days.

Great progression was made on the rails on the Saturday. 50-50’s, tail presses, board slides with change ups – it was all going off.

Simple but effective use of some cones really enhanced the level of riding and got everyone thinking more about their body positions while on the rail.

Sunday saw us working on set up turns for spins as well as body position – again with the use of some props and guidance everyone was pushing the boundaries and looking good..!

Well done guys and don’t forget to check out the Definition facebook fan page for pictures and updates.

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