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Definition Camps 18/19th June Hemel Snow Centre

Posted on: Jun 24, 2011 Listed in: Coaching by Chris Skinner

Event: Definition Camps 2 day Freestyle Course
Location: Hemel Hempstead Snow Centre
Date: 18th / 19th June 2011
Pictures: Coming soon

Definition Camps 18/19 June Hemel HempsteadLast weekend saw another 2 day definition camps freestyle course held at Hemel Hempstead Snow Centre.

Another great weekend and another great group of riders.

Day: 1

The first days riding was all about the rails. After a good warm up and some technical riding aspects it was straight over to the SCUK box.

There was a real mixed group with a real variety of riding standards. This prompted for a challenging but rewarding day for all. Basic, first time 50-50s all the way up to switch backside 270 on were on the cards.

Day 2:

More technical and riding specific drills were covered in the morning to insure everyone was well balanced and standing over their boards.

Basic mechanics of the Ollie and the key aspects of hitting a kicker were also covered, ensuring everyone knew what each part of the kicker was, what to do on the run in and how to ensure you get good pop and trajectory when leaving the lip.

A big well done to all those who attended.

More Info:
Website: Definition Camps
Previous Courses: ‘Coaching’ catergory
What to expect: Link Friday – Definition Camps at Hemel spring SCUK Bash

Next courses I will be coaching at:
25/26th June at Milton Keynes
2/3rd July at Hemel Hempstead Snow Centre

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3 Responses

  1. Aminur says:

    Was my first intro to freestyle snowboarding.. Loved every single second of it despite all the knocks and falls.. Had a BIG grin on my face the entire day like the ‘cat who got the cream’….

    Confident on the box, getting there on the kickers and have booked another kicker course soon.

    Chris was fantastic, lots of positive feedback and encouragement. Thanks mate, you really made the day enjoyable and I learnt loads..

    Great blog by the way too..

    See you on the next course!

  2. dewei says:

    Is there a reason why Definition does not do courses at Tamworth – my local indoor slope?

    • Hi, I presume because Tamworth like to run their own in house freestyle courses, otherwise we would have a presence there. There’s no other reason.

      Best bet would be to contact Gav at

      Alternatively you could kick up a fuss an ask management. Sure Tim or Andy would be more than happy to help out.