Definition Camps 21st Jan Hemel Snow Center

The set up for last Fridays Definition Freestyle Course at Hemel was amazing. With 2 rails and 2 kickers sectioned off for our exclusive use from 9-5.

The progression was something else, the guys lapped up the technical and equipment talk at the beginning of the day and by 10.45 were looking solid in there riding, ready to hit the park. 50-50’s on both the flat and down rail were brushed aside with ease so next up were boardslides and tail presses.

Equally solid on the kicker in the afternoon with everyone putting down some nice 180s, bearing in mind some of the group had never been on rails or kickers before, or very little.

During the course, regardless of the trick or technique, you are not just shown how to do it and then left. Technique and skills needed are built up slowly and broken down into bite sized chunks, making it easier to absorb.

On snow video feedback is crucial to fast and faultless progression and this is used throughout the day. Check this short video put together by Sam Cullum of the days riding to see how much you can progress in just one day!