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Definition Camps 23/24th April Milton Keynes

Posted on: Apr 27, 2011 Listed in: Coaching by Chris Skinner

– Another awesome freestyle snowboard course at Milton Keynes –


Definition Milton Keynes Snowboard Freestyle course 23/24 AprilIt was all about the rail and ‘due to popular group demand’ basics with an introduction to buttering, ground 180’s and 360’s, with the group then calling the tricks for each other.

Before lunch we polished up on some technical riding and for the more advanced riders some switch one footed riding.

Later in the afternoon the group set out challenging each other with set ground and rail tricks (I was lucky enough to get my own..! Thanks Cerys, Skyla and Jack for that one!) I think they just wanted to see me fall over, but I didn’t so HA..!

It’s amazing to see what is achievable even though some of the group had never heard, let alone, tried any of the moves.

I was very impressed to see everyone giving my selected ground trick challenge a go, which was backside 180 to nose press/butter 270 to 270 out. (a bit of a mouth full – oh and get that down switch too!)


Full of more challenges and progression but this time over the kicker. Basic Ollies and

Nollies, technique and differences in body position, were covered first thing in the morning, then taking the Ollies to the kicker for the rest of the day.

Again, challenges where set and with the help of Mark (freestyle ski coach) everyone tried out some technical rail tricks.

Each day ended with some informal video feedback and a Q&A session. Finally, well earned Easter eggs where given to all before calling it a day!

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3 Responses

  1. paulboy99 says:

    Savage weekend! I should have brought a pen and paper to write down all the new tricks we learned, there was so so many!

    • There were quiet a few: frontside (heel side) nose butters to switch turn to frontside (heel side) tail butter to regular turn, then back to nose butter again. Backside 180’s off toes and heels, tail presses (with optional grab..!), backside board slide to regular & switch. Then the 180’s off the kicker (NOT turning / skidding the board as we leave the tip…!). There must have been more, I just can’t remember them all now..!

      • paulboy99 says:

        Cheers Chris, I think the ground 270 is the only one you’re missing. God there was so many, I learned more in those 2 days than the last 2 holidays!