Synergy snowsports 2011 team photo Ride snowboards, Chris SkinnerOver the course of the next month I’ll be adding regular pictures and video clips with what’s going on out here in Switzerland.

First off is a team photo – oh and if you’re wondering why we look a little sleepy, it’s 8.30 in the morning and we’ve just got out of bed on a day off…

For the third season running now, Ride Snowboards provide the hardware for Synergy while Special Blend take care of the clothing side of things. This years Ride DH 2.4 limited edition has become a team favourite with its Hybrid ProRize technology.

Wall Stall Davos snowboard park, Chris SkinnerNext up is picture of myself in the park hitting the wall ride. I was loving this feature with a nice stall at the top giving endless opportunities for creativity.

The video is of a cheeky rock and roll – a pretty dodgy angle I know, but I’m still playing around with my go-pro. I have the connection to attached it to a pole but haven’t got around to it as I’ve been riding like mad since I got here.

Conditions have been great and the park and pipe are so nice right now – check out my earlier post with a couple of pictures of the park.

Hoping to also head over the Lenzerheide and Scoul (two local resorts to Davos) while I’m out here to check out their park set ups. Apparently they are looking pretty good too right now.

If you’re heading away to Europe and want to know what the park is like in a particular resort, be sure to check out the following website: Regular pictures and updates provide a great resource of information, they also list indoor domes within Europe too.