MacBook Pro keyboard, trackpad not working

The Big Freeze!

A couple of weeks back I kept finding, when using my MacBook Pro, that the keyboard and trackpad would just randomly freeze up and not respond. Leaving me stuck in the middle of something important, or not! I tried plugging in a USB mouse, which worked fine so wasn’t a software issue.

Most of the time this was resolved by a quick restart, but wouldn’t last long until it stop working again. This only really happened when I had been using my MacBook Pro for while, so something to do with ‘heat’ clicked up!

MacBook Pro Keyboard and Mouse Freeze Pic1MacBook Pro Keyboard and Mouse Freeze Pic2

The Work around

without having to take it to a service shop

I found the problem was the two orange wires under the battery. Possibly, after a while the heat from the battery had affected them somehow, or the heat had affected/changed the shape of the battery very slightly and this in-turn resulted in less pressure being put onto these wires. Either way, below is a quick solution I found.

-Please note: You do any of the following at your own risk, if you are unsure of any of this, take you MacBook Pro to the local computer shop and let a professional do it for you-

1. Power down your MacBook Pro, removed the battery and locate the two orange wires (A) & (B)

2. Cut out some small pieces of card, start out with some small thin strips

3. Cover the orange wires horizontally with a strip or strips of card

4. NOTE: Be sure not to cover area (C) marked on the picture as this in the underside of the track pad button and will not work that well if covered.

5. Replace the battery and power up your MacBook Pro. The addition of the strips of card will result in added pressure on the wires and it should working again, if it is still not working try adding some more strips of card to areas (A) and (B)