Twixtor Plug-in and Jes Deinterlacer

If you ever wondered how to get super slow motion video while at the same time keeping HD video qualify then check this out.

Here’s a short clip from a friend of mine, James Sweet, edited with Twixtor Plug-in for Final Cut Express which creates the super slow motion video. Twixtor can be used to not only slow down your footage but also speed it up to.

Click here for a preview of Twixtor slow and fast scenes edited together. Click here for the plug in for the mac.

The majority of the footage is slowed down 50% using Jes Deinterlacer. Here is a simple tutorial /guide on how to use JES Deinterlacer for the mac to achieve 50% slow motion, just use the following settings:

Settings from James Sweet – check out his blog here.

Make sure you film in R3!

Download and install JES Deinterlacer (freeware, easily found on google)

Input Tab: Click choose, and select the clip you want to slow mo. Make sure you click the Default setting

Project Tab: Select standards conversion, tick ‘custom’ AND ‘telecine”. Height=720, Width=1280, Frame Rate= 29.970. Movie Speed = 0.5000.

Color Tab: Set to default/no change. However, I like to go 1.05 on the brightness, and 1.03 on the saturation to help make a subtle enhancement to the subject, basic color correction.

Output Tab: Make sure is set to Defaults, choose direct or export and select your setting (prores 422 for final cut… or H264… ) I find what works best for me is choosing export- quicktime- settings- Appleintermediate codec, HDV720p preset.

Thanks again for James sharing the above info and nice one on the editing.