Stress & Snow Sports, how to control it – BASI ISIA written work

Around September 2009 I began thinking of what to write my written project about. As well as numerous other modules, one requirement of my BASI ISIA snowboard qualification was to complete a written project on a subject related to the snow sports industry.

The link between psychology and sport had always been an interest of mine so I decided to base my written project around this area. Whether this be in a snowboard competition environment or those first couple of days starting out on the beginner slopes.

While out in Bulgaria last season working for snowboard coach on there Level 2 gap course program, I had many an evening to work on the project. Kicking back in the evening in my apartment gave me ample time to read up from many different sources.

Information was gathered from far and wide from sources such as:

  1. Physical Education and the Study of Sport by Rob Davies
  2. Creative Coaching by Jerry Lynch
  3. Understanding Psychological Preparation for Sport by Lew Hardy
  4. The Journal of Professional Snowsports Instruction (PSIA)

However, there is one quote that really hits home for me and I feel it sums up the learning and progression through any sport. It’s what Kelly Slater has to say at 0.43 secs in a short clip of the film ‘Letting go by Kelly Slater’

“….forget about the contest and just have fun….
I’m a better competitor when I’m really having fun, so I thought that and then next wave I got a 10
….that’s what letting go means to me”

Link: “Understanding How Stress Affects our Sport And Techniques to Control It.pdf”

Kelly Slater – Letting go