Windermere Lake District

After an 8, yes you heard it, 8 hour drive we arrived at Windermere in the Lake District.

To be perfectly honest the only time I’d been further north than this was to spend a week in Scotland a year and a half ago. Well I can tell you now that the drive was worth it and sitting on the M6 for 2hrs too!

We settled into a nice cosy room in a quaint yet modern B&B, The hideaway at Windermere. The weather was clear with a fresh breeze in the air as we contemplated boat rowing for the following day – later followed the fresh smell of steak sending my mouth into overdrive. Honestly one of the best dinners I’ve had and weekend stays more to the point, great service and food was excellent.

So, if by chance you’re deciding to head up north for a couple of days, check this one out!