Link Friday: Snow Park Guide

Link Friday this week is about guides for snow parks.

There’s nothing worse than heading away, for a weeks shred time aimed specifically at riding park / pipe, to find that the park is half built (Home Simpson style) or riding around the mountain for days to find it’s non-existent.

So what’s out there to help us?

First up is a well rounded site listing a lot (but not all) of snow parks in Europe.

Clicking on a resort name brings up a stack load of useful information, pictures, opening times etc.

I selected Davos as a resort as I had been riding there in March this season. From the pictures, the layout looked very similar to how I remember the park being. Obviously there had been some changes / additions since I left but the general layout was still there.

There’s also a link which brings up a sketch of the park layout.

snowparkguide davosDavos:

Park length: 350m
Park width: 80m
Hillside situation: NW
Height park entrance: 2300m
Lift length: 350m
Shape crew: 3 shapers
Shape frequency: 2x a day

I like the fact that the site is updated on a regular basis and would trust it if I was heading away and needed to check the status / layout of a snow park in Europe.

Second is a similar site in regards to featuring snow parks. It seams to hold a stronger presence for resorts in the USA and Canada, which is good, considering snowparkguide is more tailored to European resorts.

You can sign up and create your very own profile which I think is a really good idea. However, when I went to sign up I couldn’t get past the CAPTCHA security check, otherwise I would have

given some more detail on how the site works and feels as a whole.

Do let me know if you have the same problem as it looks a good site that could work really well, if it held a strong european user base.