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Since the site has been up and running a while now it would only be fair to credit those involved in it’s creation / design and on going help and support (this includes current Word Press plugins used)

The Design and Idea:
When it came to creating a look and feel to the new site I knew what I was after, but to be honest, coming up with a design off my own back was going to take some time to say the least.

I needed ideas, good or bad.

I spoke with Chris Chadwick at and he suggested I trawl the web and find some sites that I like the look of. I used couple of sites which showcased a variety of website designs.
www.webdesignfromscratch.comReally liked the look of #5 from the following sites showcase
www.bestwebgallery.comTop Site for ideas

The most useful thing I found when first trawling though these sites was how I didn’t want my site to function or look.

With a few things in mind and the images of the characters (designed and drawn by Laura Price), Chris came back with a first draft which was very similar to how the site is now. Yes there were a few tweaks here and there but overall the site design hasn’t changed that much from the initial draft.

Coding / SEO:

This was all handled by Dominic Goode at BluDelta, and makes for a seamless, easy to update, functioning site.


WP Plugins:

A couple of plugins that make the site work well are:

Booking Calendar(used on the apartment page)
Portfolio Slideshow(used on my tips and tricks pictures to switch between goofy and regular versions)